(2-3 Years)

Big leaps are happening every day for toddlers. Language and speech are developing quickly and so is the discovery of their bodies and their understanding of what they are capable of. In addition, a flurry of new feelings and emotions are blossoming, and they surface in the form of assertiveness, independence and self identity.

Here in our toddlers’ room at Lowen Harts nursery, we have created spaces that assist with all areas of development. Children are encouraged to build new relationships with others and to love interacting and sharing. Our supportive team promote discovery, positive self identity, role play and enjoyment of achievement.

Our friends love being encouraged by educators to do things for themselves, from learning about self care and hygiene to identifying colours, letters and objects, we are continuously looking for innovative ways to inspire and engage.

Our newly refurbished room has direct access to the gardens where toddlers love to go exploring. On rainy days we can learn about new technology or get messy making art.

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Our daughter has been attending Lowen Harts since she was 11 months old, she will be 3 in November. We highly recommend this nursery for your little ones, the staff are amazing with the children, I find they feedback personal details about your child daily so you feel they genuinely care and listen to them. The freedom to learn through play is very apparent in this nursery an that we find important in the early years.


Nursery Prospectus

Our prospectus contains everything you need to know about Lowen Harts Day Nursery. If there's anything you'd like to talk to us about or to book a tour, we welcome you to get in touch.